All progress belongs to the unreasonable man.



Viera, 2015


liberate YOURSELF in YOUR photography— simply photographing what interests you instead of what you think other people will be interested in. It means your photography becomes a lot more personal, much more visually stimulating and it instantly shows your photos are a reflection of who you are as an individual.

The simplest advice I could possibly give to anyone asking is: ”Photograph anything you want.”

You Shouldn’t Ever Feel Criticised 

I always have that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that my work won’t be appreciated by others; truth be told, it won’t.Everyone is different, everyone is into different things. For some crazy reason we fear the criticism we receive more than we value praise. Strange, right?

I’ve spent a lot of time asking others what they think of my work even when it’s completely inappropriate.

Only you have the answers though. We as artists will never be satisfied with the work we produce, and that’s just the way it works. Whether you’re a creative writer, painter, architect or photographer, there will always be that voice trapped inside of you telling you that whatever you’re creating isn’t worth anything. Not even a singular compliment.

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Creative Process and Following Your Instincts

Never take photos of what you think others would find appealing and interesting. Take photos of what you find interesting. It’s 2016, social media is a very big part of the creative process now. Platforms like Instagram have taken over. Don’t end up in a downward spiral where you feel the need to photograph things aesthetically beautiful just to get likes on Instagram. Don’t fall into the trap. Do your own thing. Follow your heart. You could be taking photos of dust bins, CCTV cameras on the edge of buildings, street signs, objects you find interesting may not be interesting to others and I can’t stress enough that it’s okay to not be the same as everyone else.

There’s a quote I’ve seen being used on other blogs; ”All progress belongs to the unreasonable man.” Therefore be aware that when trying to push your own creative side, you need to be unreasonable sometimes and set your self outrageous goals that you might not meet; this is completely okay.